Thursday, August 8, 2013

Cowgirl Boots, Tutu And A T-Shirt

Yesterday afternoon Sophie Clare wanted to be a cowgirl ballerina. She loves a t-shirt so much that she never wants to take it off when she plays dress up. For a while she would not even play dress up until she realized that she could leave on the fabulous t-shirts. haha  We went out to gather a some wood for the fire pit and I decided I would take a few pics! 

I did not edit these but I did the couple that I put on FB. I plan on getting a couple of these printed! There is just something about them that make me smile!! 

I like this one. 

Love this one!! 

Super cute! 

I like this one too! 

We were outside for about 10 min, if it was that long! She was telling me she was itching. So I knew she was getting bit by the nasty mosquito's. We headed inside and to realize that she had 12 bites!! 
 Poor baby girl!! 

This is another one of my faves! 

I need to get busy and do a little Summer Photo Shoot!
 Before I know it, it is going to be Fall!! 

Hope you all are having a great week!
 We only have next week and school starts back!
 I am so not ready!! 

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