Tuesday, August 13, 2013

She Sure Does LOVE To Play

This girl LOVES to play all the time. I don't think she is ever still and very rarely sits to rest!    She goes all day and never stops. That is maybe why  she will go to bed at 8:00, she is just give out.  She has never played by herself all that well. WHY??  I have played with her!! I have been doing a little teaching and training for a while now on letting her play by herself. She is doing so good! Although, sometimes I feel bad that she is playing by herself!  

Just a few pics of moments I want to remember. 

Choo Choo!! 

I was busy getting ready to go somewhere and came to check on this little girl. 
This is what I found! 
She is such a mess!

Board Game Day! 

She is so much fun! 

1 comment:

Bama Girl in AZ said...

I always felt bad when I didn't "play" with Sofia. Eventually I had to get over it. It was just too much! But you are right - enjoy these times!

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