Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Splash Park

Sophie Clare has been wanting to go to Scottsboro to the splash park for a while now.  Our weather has been so up and down that I hated to make the drive then it rain.  We had planned on going last week, then she fell at the Falls. She does not like to get her boo boo's wet when they are so fresh. I can't say that I blame her. So over the weekend, she asked again could we go?? Rain or shine I was taking her. Monday, we woke up and felt like that was the best day to go. Even though it was a little cloudy when we left.  She was super excited. We got there right when it opened and no one was there, which was nice.  

Look how cute and happy she is!!
 I just love her and love doing things for her!! 

It was a little cool with the sun not shining.
 I had told her that I would get wet and play but it was cold! BURR! 
She was sliding and running around everywhere. 

Here come's goggle girl!!! 

She was getting sprayed in the eyes so of course we had to wear the goggle the rest of the day!! 

She really wanted me to stand under the bucket and get totally soaked but I just could not do it. If it had been blazing hot, now I might could have. 

I loved watching her have such a good time! 

We shot the water guns at each other. 

She played with Barbie and Ken. She would throw them off the top and rescue them. I just love her imagination and how she is always pretending. 

We were by ourselves for about an hour and forty-five mins. It was really nice then about 4 kids come in and Sophie Clare is a people watcher. So that is what she did! haha 

After our picnic lunch, we headed back in to play for a little bit longer. It was not long after that, a bus pulled in with lots of children. It took Sophie Clare a bit to get warmed up to the idea of everyone being there. 

After she warmed up, she joined right in on taking turns down the slide! 

We had such a good time and I can't wait till our next adventure!! 

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