Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Down By The Lake

Last Sunday Jamie's family had a reunion, we left after church and headed to Centre, Alabama.  Sophie Clare was a little shy at first but warmed up quickly!  Sophie Clare calls Jamie's mom  "new granny or if you ask her about her granny, she always says my daddy's mother. Her Granny bought her a new game and she loved it. I did too! It was super fun to play. It was a leaping frog game. Sophie Clare was super sweet to the little boy, Andrew. She shared and was very friendly! I was very proud of her. 

This is Granny. 

Sophie Clare wanted to go to Jamie's Granny house, Sophie Clare great granny.  We could not stay long considering that Jamie had tons of  school work. But I hated not to take her since she does not get to go all that often. Granny lives on the lake and Sophie Clare LOVES to walk down by the water. 

I wish that I had not forgot my good camera. 

I love this picture! 
I think she looks just like my mother in this pic! 

We had a great time seeing and catching up with everyone! 

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