Thursday, September 5, 2013

Day 2 Of Living the Beach Life

We were just as excited Wednesday morning, 
READY to get some SUN, PLAY and SWIM!! 

I am sure that you have noticed that  I get a lot of back shots of Sophie Clare. Silly girl was always on the move and if I tried to get in front her head was always down. Oh well!  

This was an exciting morning and glad my camera was ready to shoot.  The Blue Angels came zooming by. It was sooo awesome and I loved it. Sophie Clare thought it was a little to loud.  They were so low and very close together. 

This picture looks like they are flying on top of each other. 

When we had got to the beach, it had been about 3 weeks since Sophie Clare had been swimming.  Over the Summer, she had really learn to swim. I was ready to see how she did after such a long break. She picked up right where she left off and got better by the end of the week. 

She loves wearing her goggles and that is why I like to call her goggle girl! ;-) 

This little boy (Preston)  really like Sophie Clare and they played really well together. Sophie Clare did not say much but was very sweet and shared. 

Trying to get her feet to disappear in the sand. 

The one thing that Sophie Clare could not wait to do was 
Although she was super tired, she was ready to ride! 

Notice her eyes and how tired she is..............there is more to the story on the next blog post. 

Getting all buckled up and ready to go fast. She is a little dare devil. lol 

She looks so determined. 

She has never done the bumper boats so I thought that would be fun for her. She really liked it. 
You can tell who takes pics. Jamie does not zoom like I do. haha 

Now it was a first, Sophie Clare was big enough to DRIVE a GO- CART BY HER SELF!! How is this even possible. 

She did AWESOME!! 

Then we let her ride this little spinning thing. 
You could tell she was not sure but she said it was fun. 

We walked next door to feed the fish and there machines were not working all that well. But as least she go to feed a little. 

Then is was just one last ride on the Go-Carts. 

Usually we head to the HANGOUT but Sophie Clare was very tired so we headed home to relax!! 

Day 3 is up next!! 

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Anonymous said...

I saw your beautiful family at Hardee's in Gulf Shores Monday morning. I wanted to say hi, but my daughter was not in the best mood because I woke her up too early for beach pictures. :) I love following your blog and seeing Sophie Claire. She reminds me of my daughter who will be 5 years old in October. I hope you have a great vacation. :)


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