Saturday, September 7, 2013

Day 3 Thursday = Pool Time

On Thursday it was the same routine as usual.  We hit the pool ASAP! Sophie Clare did not really want to go to the beach and that did not bother me. I am just as happy being at the pool. 

Sophie Clare and I make the best beach bums. haha  She loves to people watch as do I. ;-) Although, she does a little more staring than just looking. hehe I loved having the umbrella or as Sophie Clare calls it UMBENNA. ;-)  And do you see that cooler on a roller............that is the best 20.00 we spent. It was so easy to roll and that was huge when Jamie was up doing school work. Yes, Jamie did lots of school work at the beach. 

Why does Sophie Clare sometimes wear 2 bathing suits in one day.........I can't stand putting a wet one back on her after lunch. So we just change and it seems much more comfortable. 

After a fun filled day in the sun, we got ready and headed to the Shrimp Basket to eat.  It was super yummy and very reasonable. Jamie got all you could eat catfish, I ate yummy fish taco's (not at good as Niffer's)  and Sophie Clare got the chicken . Let me say, do not get the chicken. It did not have any seasoning on it, good thing Sophie Clare is a dipper. 

After that I wanted to get some pics of Sophie Clare in this outfit but I really waited to late. 
Even though some of them are a little dark, they are some cute expressions. 

These are in the exact order that I took them. 
I was constantly shooting.
This girl is full of life and expressions. 

After that is was off to The Hangout! 

Sophie Clare ran, jumped, played and had the best time. 

Sitting and watching her is so much fun. 
Makes me wonder what they are talking about. 

We called it an early night so that Sophie Clare could get come rest. 

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