Thursday, September 5, 2013

Our First Full Day At The Beach

Sophie Clare was beyond excited to wake up at the beach!  She could not wait to get outside and get her toes in the sand.  We enjoyed our breakfast out on the balcony listening to the waves. What a great way to start a day. 

Sophie Clare loved riding the the elevator or as she calls it the 

Love that fake smile! ;-) 
I am sure she was thinking, MOM just come on and stop taking pics. 

We had so much fun playing in the sand! 

This has got to be one of my favorite bathing suits that Sophie Clare has had.
 It was soooo adorable on her!! 

After we played on the beach for a while, we headed to the pool to get cooled off and get a snack. 

Then it was back to the beach! 

We went back out to the beach to play some more. 
 We got creative and made and alligator head. 

Building her very on sand castle. 

After we played all day, we went in to get ready to go eat. 

We ate dinner at LIVE BAIT. It was super good. I had Crab Claws which I love, Jamie had Po Boy Sprimp Sandwich and Sophie Clare had popcorn shrimp.
 It was all  very good!!

Then it was off to the Wharf. We always enjoy going there. 
We had a good time, there was music, games and fun photo props. 

Sitting and listening to a little music. 

Baby girl was tired. 

Then she got a little more energy to do some climbing. haha 
Her tiredness seem to come and go. 

We had a great first day!! 

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