Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Headed to the Beach

Good Morning!! 

We have been at the beach for the last 7 days and let me just say it was FABULOUS!!  We let Sophie Clare skip are second week of school and it even though she had a blast at the beach, I think she may have missed it a little. She will go back tomorrow and  I know she will do great! 

It is always tough when I leave the beach, I am never ready to come home.
No matter how much I love it, I am ready to see all of my sweet family! 
We have missed the kiddos!! 

I have lots of pics to share and scrapbook about so just hang in there and enjoy!! 

Monday morning,  (August 26) we left out. Sophie Clare has been saying ALL Summer, I can't wait till we go to the beach. I know she thought it was never coming.  The night before in church she said, I fraid I never not going to the beach. 

Finally Monday was her big day!! She picked out her outfit which, she wore Sunday to church but I did not argue. At least it was a dress and smocked! haha Here she is all buckled in with all her friends. Baby, Alvin and ToTo. 

Our first stop was in Calera, this is a tradition now! It is a great stopping point to let Sophie Clare get out and run around. Plus it is tons of fun looking at all the trains. 

Such a strong little girl! 

 All of the train doors are locked. She kept trying to get them open. This one had a chain on it and she could see inside just a bit. 

After we left there, we had lunch at the Olive Garden! 
I LOVE there salad! 
It is sooo yummy!! 
Then Sophie Clare wanted to go to Bass Pro Shops. 
It is like a playground to her and a man's toy  store! 

After she played a while, NEXT STOP WAS THE BEACH!! 
I do believe she asked about every 10 min....

Finally, we are here and she was ecstatic.

Let's go and get our toes in the sand!! 

I know she is mine but is she just not the cutest!! ;-) 

After we hung out and got everything unloaded, we went to get a quick bite.
 Then it was back to the pool for a late night swim! 

Get ready for tons more pics and blog post!! 

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Bama Girl in AZ said...

Fun! I am ready for the beach again!

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