Friday, November 15, 2013

Keeping Mom Company and Having Fun

 Last week we had lots of fun things to do.  One of them included going with my mom to Arab. She was going to put some of her hand painted things in a little coffee shop that some of her friends own.   We started off in Guntersville. We stopped at Mickey D's to get coffee and Sophie Clare thought she needed a milk shake to start her morning off. 

 Please excuse how blurry this pic is. 

I  know that some of you out there are not to fond of the coffee but I really like it. ;) 

We stopped by Fant's in Guntersville and there is just so much to look at. They have recently redone the downstairs and it looks AAA-MAZING! 

Loved this t-shirt! 
How cute is this?? 

I loved the old church pew. I would love it if I had room in my house for one! 

Then we went across the street to Baker's On Main. They have tons of little rooms to step into and look. I did not take tons of pics. Maybe next time. 

I just loved the flowers, it really made me want to eat here with lots of fun friends! ;-) 

Sophie Clare had to use the restroom and she just LOVED this sink.

My mom and Sophie Clare. 

Sophie Clare wanted us to get a picture of her and her friend Justin. Maybe I should take more pics of them together. haha 

Then is was off to Arab to the coffee shop. I should have took pics there but did not. We had a yummy lunch and dropped of her things. We then headed back home but not just yet. 
We stopped in downtown Albertville to look around. 
This makes me want to redo my little lady in my living room. 

We had such a fun time!! 

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