Thursday, November 14, 2013

Starting Off November The Right Way

Is November really HALF WAY over??  I can't believe how time is just flying by. I also can't believe that I am behind on blogging about what we have been doing.................anyways I plan on catching up the next couple of days! 

We started off our first day of November back at school  with our pilgram and indian shirt. She was not much on me taking a pic but tried to endure it. haha 

Then we enjoyed a yummy lunch at Jefferson's. Sophie Clare just about ate every fried dill pickle in the basket. She loved them!! 

Jamie and I enjoyed a mixture of wings. Double dipped and Hot......YUMMY!

Sophie Clare had been wanting to go to the local school to play on the playground so off we went that Saturday. It was a beautiful day but very windy and just a little to cool. 

We played for about an hour then it was off  to Sonic to get Jamie and SC a cream slush of there choice. I stuck with my cherry limeade.  We stopped by a little local return store and looked around just to kill time although you never know what you might find! 


Or a boat.

That Sunday I let Sophie Clare wear her cute little smocked turkey outfit! I just love it and all the colors in it. You can't see it good in these pics but I know you will see it more! 

Sophie Clare and Katie have set together a few times at church and Sophie Clare loves it! They are sooo good! 

Have a great day!! 

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