Friday, November 1, 2013

Our Halloween Day

We had been doing so much Halloween stuff and dressing up that we decided to just hang out at the house.  We started our Halloween lunch at Sonic with 50 cent corn dogs.  Sophie Clare loves to meet her daddy at Sonic, they have a very nice playground that is never crowded. 

The weather was perfect to be outside and playing! 

We ran a few errands and come back home. Sophie Clare got to pick what I cooked and of course it was Potato Soup! It is her favorite. 
Then we go ready for a few trick or treaters. 

 And Johnna had Sophie Clare speachless. haha 

Luke and Lila came by for a quick visit. 

I wish I had taken more pics of our trick or treaters but I did not. Anyways we had great fun passing out candy and seeing everyone dressed up. 

After we turned the porch light off, we got busy decorating cookies. 

She was  having a great time eating the icing!! 

We even played a little dress up. 

It was a great night at home! 
I have really enjoyed seeing all the kiddos dressed up. It is so much fun looking at them all! 

Happy Halloween............see ya next year!! 

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