Friday, December 27, 2013

Church Play and Sunday School Fun

Sunday will be 2 weeks ago that we had our little children's program.  We do not have a lot of children but we I think we came up with something pretty cute. The little drama was called Simply Christmas.  We had costumes for years ago but I ended up ordering a few new ones from Oriental Trading.  They were just what we needed. 
Katie was Mary
Braden was Joseph
Sophie Clare was the angel Gabriel. 
and we had a host of angels. 

It was short and very sweet! 
They did a very good job! 

Sunday in Sunday school, we celebrated Christmas and just had the very best time. We gave them a little gift, just saying we love them. We also decorated ice cream cones into snow trees. We had the best time!!   We had several out and missed them.  

I just love these kiddos!! 

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