Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The Birthday Girl Is FIVE

I can't believe that I have a 5 year old! 
She is always so excited about it being her birthday! I think it is because she waits all year for it. She celebrates everyone all year and then finally it is her BIG DAY!! I always want her to feel very special on her her birthday no matter how old she is! 

The celebrating started last Wednesday! She wanted a new bicycle and she already knew which one she wanted. Considering her birthday was on BLACK FRIDAY, we decided to go before the rush. She was super excited!!  

After we brought the bicycle back home, we stopped in to check on my mom. She had fell and ended up breaking her wrist. 
Then we headed to eat, I wanted Chilli's. I have been craving it forever. The wait was forever so we ended up at Jefferson's. Although, Sophie Clare was good with it. She LOVES there fried dill pickles!! 

Then is was back home and snuggle on the sofa! 
 Savoring the last few hours of being 4. 

How did 5 years pass so fast??  

That next morning she woke up to a floor full of balloons. She was so excited to be 5!! 
We started off  breakfast with a blue cupcake (her choice) and sang HAPPY BIRTHDAY more than once! 

The only thing she wanted to do on her birthday was bounce! So that is what we did! While everyone shopped, we bounced! She had a blast!! 

So thankful she has a sweet friend  to share memories with!  
She and Luke had the best time! 

Then it was home to change and grab a bite to eat at Logan's. 

She said she had the best day!! 

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