Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Photo Phone Dump

My name is Maggie and I take a lot of pictures!! 
I am also addicted to Istagram! 

Here are lots of random phone pics! 

My sweet girl looking cute, getting out of tub. 

Being super silly with a lid off a sucker. 
Look at her lips!! 

While wearing her hard hat, she is putting make up on her doll head. 

This was one snowy night and she had just finished painting her nails. 

We were out and about in town,  I look back and she had her all her clothes pulled up. 
She said, I'm Burning Slap Up! 

Bugel finger nails. 

Just me and my girl snuggled up, playing on our electronics. 

One Saturday, Jamie had lots of school work today. If we are at home, Sophie Clare is always just wanting to play. I decided that we would get out and about. Needless to say, she was not just trilled about leaving her daddy at home. ;-) 

Look at those baby blues and what is that on her teeth...........
they are pink from her yummy cookie! 

Sorry if you have already saw some of these on INSTAGRAM. 

Jamie took my ipad! 

This particular Sunday, we had not got to see Braden in a while! Sophie Clare was pretty excited to see him! 

Sophie Clare got her some new pj's and loves them!! 

Here comes Peter Cotton Tail! 

Pretending to be a baby! It looks like she really is asleep and taking a passy! 

I made her a tub full of beans and she played in the for hours! 
The first day, I think it was almost 3 hrs. 

The next morning, she was right back in them! 
I was glad she enjoyed them, those cold days being stuck inside were getting long. 

Sophie Clare loves when we all 3 are together and do stuff together. This past year, Jamie has been in school and quality time is sometime few and far between.  On Monday's he goes to school and Sophie Clare does not get to see him. She is in bed when she gets on Tuesday's she is really missing her daddy.  We met him at Old Mexico for lunch so that she could see him for a bit!  Plus kids eat free on Tuesdays. She was so excited!  

Thumbs up for meeting daddy for lunch!! 

Happy Wednesday!! 

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