Friday, February 21, 2014

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day with this cutie and always worth celebrating! For those that know me, I do not love Valentine's Day but I think it is fun to celebrate with for Sophie Clare! 
We had school this morning and when she has school, she lays in the bed till time to get her clothes on. I had to carry her little goodies to her in bed. 

She was so excited that she had a surprise and just closed her eyes being silly. 

 Her favorite......a kitty kat bar. 

A cute cupcake cookie.

And her favorite.......her new puppy! 
She is loving this puppy so much!! 

She named it Walking Talking Puppy! 

Ready for her school Valentine Party.

Here are a few pics from her party

Luke would not turn around and let me get his pic. 
Little stinker!

Sophie Clare kept trying to get him to turn but he was not having it. 

After school, Sophie Clare wanted to  have lunch with her daddy at McDonald's for Valentine's Day. So of course we met him. 

We had a great lunch. After lunch Sophie Clare wanted to go to Petco, so off we went. She loves looking at all the animals. 
It was not real cold, so we stopped by the Falls for a few minutes. 

We had a fabulous Valentine's Day!! 

Hope you did too!! 

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Bama Girl in AZ said...

Ok all the pics of her blowing kisses are just too much! Love them!!

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