Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Imagination Place Fun With Friends

Getting caught up and realizing what I have not blogged about it a little over-whelming.  I am not sure how I got out of my regular routine of blogging but I did. I  also realized that I never posted about what Sophie Clare was up to at 5 years old.  Sometimes I just feel I do not use my time wisely but here's to trying to do a better job. 

During  Spring Break we met our friends Andrea, Matia Grace and Max at the Imagination Place in Gadsden. 
They had the Cat and the Hat play area going on, it was super cute. 

Get your tickets for the train ride. 

Ball jump fun! 

Me and my sweet bestie! 

Pointing to the fire! 

We had lots of fun  but it did not end there. 
We had lunch at Chick fil A and they played there little hearts out! 

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