Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Fun With Cousins

Our Summer days are full of swimming.
 We have not done anything exciting, just hanging out and enjoying life as it comes. 

We have had lots of birthday celebrations and spending a lot of time with family!  Our Summer is so short this year with Sophie Clare starting kindergarten.  boo hoo!! 

This particular day, Emily, Gracie and Braden were swimming. It is always better with company and someone to play with. 

Lots of jumping and splashing! 

Water gun fun, as long as they are not shooting each other. 

This year we have babies around the pool and they are so good. 

John  Luke is such a cutie!! 

She stayed under the water more than on top. 

How is your Summer?? 
Have you done anything fun?? 

1 comment:

Bama Girl in AZ said...

Looks like awesome pool fun!! Nothing too major for us yet, but Orlando in August! School starts late here, August 26. Much different from what I was used to in AZ.

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