Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Beach Bound

On July the 26, we were super duper excited to be heading out for 7 wonderful days at the beach.   That is all Sophie Clare talked about.  I packed up a goody bag to help with the travel. It had crayons, coloring books, markers, paper,  easy puppet crafts, dry erase markers and the ipad. It all worked pretty good. The puppet was a big hit.  Sophie Clare rode pretty good but she did ask about 400,000 times HOW MUCH LONGER?? 

I even used my essential oils for our trip.  

I let Sophie Clare draw on the windows for something new to do. That did not keep her attention as long as I had hoped. 

I loved seeing how excited she was!! 

As soon as we got up to the room, she was ready to hit the beach! 

We walked out there for a few minutes then unloaded the car.  

There would be days at home that she would say, I just can't wait to have my feet in the sand. 
Smart girl!! 

Don't throw the sand. 

Ok, go ahead. 
She is such a mess. 

I cooked us a bite to eat and after that Sophie Clare wanted to walk on the beach. 
Jamie went to Wal-Mart so it was just us girls. 

After seeing all the other people swimming, she wanted her bathing suit on. 

My little surfer girl. 

Oh look at this pretty shell. 

She loves a boogie board. 

Love this! I just wish it had not been blurry! 
My camera drives me nuts sometimes. 

Love it!! ;-) 

After the beach, it was time to hit the pool. 

Ready to jump in! 

She just played and had the best time! 

That wraps up day now on to our first full day of fun in the sun!! 

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