Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Our First Full Day At The Beach

Our first full day at the beach was spent mostly at the pool. 
That did not bother me as long as Sophie Clare was having a good time. 
 This girl was a fish all day long. 

After a while in the pool, we talked her into going on the beach for just a bit. 

Then she was ready to hit the pool again! 

On your mark.......
Get set.........
She loves to race! 

After dinner, she wanted to go walking on the beach. 
If you notice it was all about what she wanted to do. Which I am totally okay with. ;-) She is what makes the beach fun! 

We walked along  looking at all the sand castles and the holes that were dug. She is so active and the beach is a perfect place to run and jump. 


Once again, she was ready to swim again. 
The beach was a lot more crowded this year than what we are used to. We are usually the only ones there beside a couple of retired people. I really think that Sophie Clare enjoyed all the people. She is a big people watcher so crowds are good for her.  

Doing a little people watching here........... 

and here..........

me telling her to stop starring. haha 

This girl was ready to go crab hunting! 
 This was one of the main things that she could not wait to do. 

While we were finishing up our crab hunting adventure. we met some interesting people from the New Orleans area.  It was pretty neat for Sophie Clare to see this. 

She even got her picture made with them. 

Here is one with the flash so that you can see how it was made.  
Pretty neat

Hello Kitty

I would say our first full day was a success and full of fun!! 

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