Thursday, August 7, 2014

Her Very First Day of Kindergarten

How did time fly so fast that I have to send my sweet baby girl off to KINDERGARTEN??  She has been right by my side for almost 6 years. I stopped everything for her and it is hard to know who I am without her! She is my everything but this is just a part of growing up. 

I have shed lots of tears and she has even shed a few but we know that this is going to be the best year! 
She is excited about her teacher and the kiddos in her class.  Her best buddy Luke is in there so that makes is near perfect! 

She did great at orientation. I think the bigger classroom makes her more comfortable compared to our preschool days. She was more herself but still shy. ;-) 

The night before kindergarten, we packed her lunch, got a bath early and snuggled on the sofa. We also read a fun book. 

Packing her lunch was emotional for me. I was telling her how to lay out her napkin and use it as a plate. I did not want her to put her food on the table............she has never ate by herself. I know, she is a big girl and she can do it but still. 
I could not bare ready something like  THE KISSING HAND. 
I would have never made it through the book.  I got her to bed at 8 and held  her tight. 

After our prayer, she said I think I may cry. I said, me too! 
 After I laid her down, I just had a good ole cry fest!! 
It done me a lot of good I tell ya!  ha! 

Now back to today................
 I woke Sophie Clare up around 6:50, she was not crazy about getting up. She tried to turn back over and go to sleep. Silly girl, it's not like preschool.........We HAVE to get there on time! haha 

Once she got up and got her clothes on, she was ready to go! 
She seemed excited and that made me smile. 

 I took a few pics last night so that we would not feel rushed this morning. She has had swimmer's ear this week and has not slept well so she was tired.
 SHHHHH!!! Don't tell her she had swimmer's ear, she might not want to swim again. 
It was just an ear ache. ;-)   
Her ear is much better and she slept great last night. 

I said , just give me your happy face!! 
Umm, not quite the happy face I was going for. 

Then she wanted to do some silly pics..........
OK, GO! 




Now yes I took a ton last night because I did not know what our morning would be like.  But I am glad I did! It will be fun to look back on! 

Here are our pictures this morning. 

She was so excited about her backpack and carrying it. She put lunch money in, just in case she wanted to buy lunch. 

My little "big" girl is ready for her very first day!! 

I love when she puts those hands on her hips!! 

She had told me that she did not want me to walk her in. WHAT??  Yes, I have to walk you in the first day!!  She did not hold my hand and kept a couple of steps ahead. Which I was good with.........when she is happy, I am happy!! 

Sophie Clare was glad to see Luke this morning. 
 He was glad to see her but he was unsure about it. 

Putting her backpack away. 

When I left, she was color, being a big girl and trying to stay strong, 


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