Thursday, August 14, 2014

Go Carts, Fun In the Sun and Crab Claws

This was on Monday the 28.............
It was the only day that there was a big chance of rain.  One of Sophie Clare's favorite thing to do is go and ride go-carts. She loves to go fast.  So we thought we would get up and go. It was great!! It was hot but not crowded at all. Plus we were able to get in on the early bird special and get more points for our bucks. ;-) 

The go-carts are her and her daddy's thing which is okay with me. 

Ready to ride! 

Then is was off to Kiddie Korner. 

She rode the go-carts.............

The swings.........
Which this was the first time she had rode these and she liked it. 

Then is was off to the airplanes. 
She loved these and it did not take her no time to get herself high in the air. 

One last's hot and we can come back another day. 
The ferris wheel! 

We headed back to the room for lunch then hit the pool. 

My little fish swims to the bottom, flips and tumbles all over the pool. 

Trying to dive but doing flips instead!
 I love how great she has got at swimming. 

All that swimming makes a baby girl hungry.
 I had forgot her hat upstairs but she improvised with daddy's. 

She is so full of life and energy. 
 I love just sitting and watching her. 

She talks non stop.

Not sure what they were looking at, I am sure it was am airplane.
  And if you notice, I had to get her hat. 

I had cooked the past couple of night so we decided to go out.

 I love her so much and I love that I have been able to spend so much time with my sweet girl! 

Love her energy! 

She took a pic of me and da. 

Ok, This is like the perfect picture but what in the world am I doing with my head. Chin down and tilt that head. haha  It may be  because I have to set the timer and run to get in the pic. lol  Jamie and Sophie Clare are so adorable in this........oh well. 

I can pick myself apart with the best of I am one eyed Maggie and well Sophie Clare looks a little scared. haha Then there is Jamie  Mr. Photogenic. 

Oh just forget it!! 

Jamie is most of the time all work and no play. Get him on vacation and he relaxes a little. 

We decided on Live Bait.
 Our food is always really good! 

I love love love me some crab claws so of course that is what I wanted.  Jamie ordered the crawfish po boy and it is good too. 

Sophie Clare picked shrimp and it was yummy. 
I am so glad she is not a picky eater. 

After dinner, Sophie Clare said I could take some pics of her. Well ok sure..........not really the outfit I had planned but lets go for it. 

I took a ton of course, so here is one and I will post the others on a separate post. 

After our little photo session, Sophie Clare wanted to go to The Hangout so off we went.  It was not real crowded so all was good. 

 Except some kiddos being ugly and I had to pull out my momma card.  I always watch Sophie Clare at places like this. I just don't feel good leaving her to play while I do my thing. Some people are good with that and that's fine, no biggie. As I was sitting and watching Sophie Clare run up and down, over the hill....................I notice some kids watching her and making a mean face and talking. I watch for a bit and then the little boy runs up right behind her towering over her. Sophie Clare turns and just looks at him. I'm still just was like he was trying to intimidate her.  He walked back up the hill and continued to play and then Sophie Clare runs by and they holler at her.  She goes back and just stands there and they are  just running there little mouths. I was done watching I wanted to see what the problem was. . Ugh, she keeps running by us they tell me. Sophie Clare then kicks sand so I have to get onto her for that then continue to tell the kiddos it is an open play area and that she can run. I also tell mine including the other kids that we are here to have a good time and we are going to be kind and treat others like they would like to be treated. 

I am not a perfect parent and Sophie Clare is far from perfect but I will never let her be rude or ugly to other kids. She may do it behind my back but if I find out about it, she will be in big trouble.

 I think being kind and treating other like you would like to be treated is very very important!! 

After she did the trampoline bounce, we walked around and took a few pics. 

Then is was back to our condo to walk on the beach. 

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