Saturday, August 16, 2014

Monograms, Friends and Balloon Fun

 I really think this girl  enjoyed life at the beach, I  know I did! 

It was off to dig in the sand a bit. 

Oh this girl owns me!! 
I love her so much!! 

She loves to dig. 

It is hard to dig when your busy people watching. haha 

Daddy came to join us. Sophie Clare was not crazy about getting in the ocean but once she was on the boogie board, all was good. 

Who wouldn't love being pulled around. 
The waves were so calm and it was just so peaceful. 

My goggle girl! 

We took a break for lunch then it was pool time. 

She decided to get her bag of goodies out and play with them. 

She and this sweet little boy made friends and by the end of the week, they were best buddies. It is always nice to make sweet friends at the beach. His entire family was great! 

After a while in the pool, we decided we would go out to dinner and go to The Wharf.   

Could her smile get any more fake?? 
I take what I can get. 

Bless her, she looks tired in the picture. 

My friend April told me about the  COMPLEAT  ANGLER GRILLE. She said that kids eat free and they had a balloon man. Well that just sounded fun to us.  The food was amazing and service was great. Although the kids eat free is from, I think 11- 5 so we missed that.   It was still good and worth it. 

After we ate, we walked around outside and looked through the fish head. 

Then she played in the hermit crab race. 

Everything at the beach is just beautiful. 

Sophie Clare wanted to look at the boats and she said we could buy one.  
Sure, okay!!  haha 

Hey Sophie Clare. let me get the perfect picture with the boats and the sun setting behind you. 

Sophie Clare was amazed but the huge Ferris Wheel.
 We did not ride it this particular night but we came back later in the week to ride it. 

They have a light show every night so we stayed for that. And they also had fun stuff in the streets. 

Sophie Clare played with the hula hoop. I wish I could do it but I just can't. 

I think I probably enjoyed the light show better than they did because of the music. It was from oldies to movie themes. It was fun. ;-) 

Not sure what I am about to say to Sophie Clare but the pic of her is sweet. 

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