Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Farm Life

Chicken are in style. Did you know that?? Yes, it is new thing. Have you looked at the cute chicken coops on wonder. ;-)  No, I do not have chicken and not sure that I want to take care of them. But my dad and my aunt have them. 

A few weeks ago, we all loaded up with my dad, mom, aunt , Sophie Clare , Emily and Gracie to pick up some chickens for my aunt. 

Paige and her husband have a beautiful farm and it is so clean and neat.
 The girls were super excited. 

She had tons of chickens. I would like to live on a farm and have all the works but I do not have any desire to work it. haha 

This big guy was super friendly and followed us everywhere. 

He stayed right with me and even tried to nibble on my dress. 

We even took a selfie together. haha 

It was a fun and short trip. 
I plan on taking Sophie Clare back to take some pics. 

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