Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Fishing and Pumpkin Planting

This Summer we went to my Uncle's farm fishing. Sophie Clare loves going over there. He has a large pond and has built a huge barn.  The plans are for "events" to be held there.  This particular  night they planted a pumpkin patch. I have not been over there in a while but they say the pumpkins are coming up nicely. 

Here is where the pumpkins were planted. 

Jamie even joined us on this trip. 

Oh how I love that big happy smile!! 
Just look at her in those boots. 

She was so excited about catching a fish. 

We did not catch anything real big and they were not biting to much. 

Casper is my Aunt Rita's little Westie. 
He is super cute and loved the water. 

Doing a little catching up in my blog world makes me miss Summer time with no schedule. 

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