Wednesday, September 17, 2014

School Days and Clothing Rules

I am so thankful that Sophie Clare is LOVING school. She looks forward to going just about every day.   The only time she says she does not want to go, is when she first gets up.  That is normal, I don't want to go anywhere either when I get up.

She counts down the day's till Friday because it is T-shirt day. She wore her Auburn t-shirt week before last and was super excited. She does it bug her daddy more than anything.  I know, your wondering, WHY DO I BUY IT FOR HER?? Well she is 5 and we are Alabama fans but it's not a sin to wear another team. I promise. haha  Plus Auburn stuff and colors are way cuter.  I feel like it is really ok to like both if you want to. ;-)

She is pretty good about wearing whatever I lay out except now she is giving me rules. 

1. She can not wear flip flops because her feet get dirty. Which I totally understand. One day she came in and her feet were black.......gross! 

2. She can not wear sandals because she can't take them off during nap time. Well she can take them off but can't get them back on. 

3. She can not wear her Bob's because she has to stop and fix the strap on the playground while running. 

4. She can not wear a little dress because she likes to put her knees up at nap time.  Yes, I thought about the little cheer shorts........I have not found any of those yet. 

Really?? Ok fine, we will wear our Keds everyday but some days may have to wear them without socks. 
NOOO!  Why?? 
Because socks do not look good with every flood pants. 

hahaha Oh she is such a sweet mess!! 

They are learning site words.
I, Can, The and We

Math is crazy and we will leave it at that. 

She loves going to the library and computer lab. 

She is super excited about her first field trip to the pumpkin patch. 
I'm not sure if it is the pumpkin patch that she is excited about or the fact they ride a bus. 

She was super excited last Friday, not only was it t-shirt day but she also got to walk in with Luke. 

Yesterday was one of those, you can't wear socks because it does not look good................She told me that she did not like the cracks of her toes to show. bahahaha  
Needless to say, she ended up being fine with it. I think she just likes giving me a hard time. 

Can you believe that HALF of September is GONE??? 

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Bama Girl in TX said...

Ok I know I always say it but she is just SO darn cute! Makes me miss my Sofia being small and still wearing all that I wanted her to wear! The cheer shorts are perfect - Sofia wears them with her skirts and dresses still. Amazon has a ton of them or Discount Dance - every color possible.

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