Friday, October 3, 2014

Pumpkin Patch Playing

This past Saturday,  the local pumpkin patch opened. The theme this year is The Wizard of Oz.   I had heard on the radio that the characters were there so, we rushed and hurried up there. Needless to say, we missed them but it did not stop Sophie Clare from running and playing! 

I wish that she could stay little forever!  
She is such a happy girl! 

This is her "I'm a little nervous" look. 

She is so active! 
She is constantly running and playing. 

She also loves to climb, she is getting really good at it, considering she does a lot of it on the playground. 

Hey mama, is this jail?? 

Prettiest little jail bird I have ever seen! 

Jamie was going to jail with her till his head would not fit in the hole. haha 

Look how big I am!! 

Barrel Bull Riding at it's finest. 

I tried to get her to put her arms down to get the "real" picture. 

We did not go into the pumpkin patch, she just wanted to play. I know that we will be going back so playing was fine with us. 

The church next door to ours has a pretty Fall scene and I thought it was a great photo op. So on the way to church Sunday night, we stopped by there. Sophie Clare has to really be in the mood to take pics. She did pretty good considering she was not all that crazy about it.  AND...............we have had this same outfit for the past 3 years maybe. I can't say I am just tired of it but I have a ton of pics in this outfit. 

This is all her!! 

I love this one!!! 

How is it OCTOBER???  
Time is flying and this is a busy month with fun Fall activities, school, birthday celebrations and Halloween. 

What do you have fun planned?? 

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