Friday, October 17, 2014

Back In September

We picked Luke up...............

I ordered and new phone case and LOVE IT!! 

Sophie Clare watched her I Pad while wearing a stache. 

She played with her Noah's Ark because I had in the stack to get rid of. 

She has been into hanging stuff on her wall...............

Pop had 2 baby chicks.............

Emily and Sophie Clare watching a little Sheriff Callie. 

I taught Emily how to fish tail braid  and she can do it better than I can. 

This sweet baby is rocking Kindergarten but it wears her out.  
You can always tell if she is tired by her eyes. 

Sweet Charlie wore Sophie Clare's dress and looked adorable!! 
Makes me want another little girl! 

I paired my lace shorts with my chambray top and loved it. 

Our excited face!! 

I love this little dress but I it not my favorite on Sophie Clare.  She is little and it seems to over-whelm her

I worked the book fair at Sophie Clare's school all week. 

Me and my girl April doing a selfie at the book fair. 

Sophie Clare loving her goodies from the book fair. 

We also had Open House at school. 

I went to McDonald's one cool morning and when I got up to the window to pay...........

We squeeze in as much play time as possible!! 

It has not been super hot and we had just a little cool day. Sophie Clare thought it was cool enough to wear her footed pj's. It did not take long for her to change. 

How is it that half of October is gone?? 
Time just flies by!! 

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