Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Birthday Celebrations

 October is a great month for birthday celebrations. 
My birthday is the 8th and Jamie's is the 12th..............so that means big celebrating!! 

My birthday started out with my sweet aunt bringing me a fabulous statement necklace!! 

Then my sweet friend April and Lila brought me a card, balloon and another sweet gift! 

My mom and I went to lunch at The Courtyard and kicked around town till it was time for me to get Sophie Clare. We had such a good time. This was probably the first time we had been anywhere without Sophie Clare since she has been born. 

My birthday was on a Wednesday, I hated to miss church but it was my birthday.   Chilli's is my favorite place to eat so of course that is what we ate. ;-) 
Do you get Chilli's coupons?? We do............Free appetizers, free desserts or free kids meal. 

I have never had a salad at chilli's that I did not like! 

It was not was not busy so it was fun and very relaxing. 

Even though Sophie Clare had been at school all day and tired, she was a trooper. 

We also celebrated my sweet sister n law birthday's. It was on the September 30........... we ended up going to Ruby Tuesday.

Birthday buddies!!

On Sunday, we celebrated Jamie's birthday. We ate at the Lion's Den for lunch then we let him nap. 

He loves steak but some of the best places were not open on Sunday. 
We ended up at Logan's. 

We all had a fabulous birthday!! I am embracing my age and feeling as young as ever!! 
You are only as old as you feel!! 

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