Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The Falls and Popcicles

I am always behind on my posting but I do not even stress about it anymore.
 It is just the ways it is! ;-) 
As long as I get in on here, I am happy! 

A few weeks ago, Sophie Clare and I  had a girls day. I sure miss our carefree days but I am thankful she loves school. 
Our first stop was the falls and they had all of there decor up. 

This guy, all he wanted to do was stare and follow us. 

It was hot and the train stopped running so our trip was cut short. 

Then we stopped by Frio's to get a yummy Popsicle. 
We both chose the Strawberry Lemonade. 

Then we headed to do a little shopping at TJ MAXX. 

We had such a fun day and I just want to cherish our little moments together. 

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