Friday, October 10, 2014

Harvest Festival Fun

Last weekend was so much fun!  It was the big weekend in Boaz.
 It was the 50th Annual Harvest Festival. 
My mom, as you know paints and has a booth. She has been doing this for years. 
Natalie had invited me to lunch earlier in the week for Friday. It just so happened that I was checking Sophie Clare out of school.   You would have thought she would have been excited about me coming to get her but she was not so sure.  She loves school and loves her friends.

She ended up loving being checked out. We had so much fun. 
We ate lunch at Mill Street Deli. If you are ever in Boaz, you have to eat there. It is the go to place! 

Our lunch was a little crazy with Carver and Sophie Clare. They are 2 peas in a pod and it is monkey see, monkey do. 

After lunch we headed over to Harvest Festival. She has a double stroller and instead of baby Charlie riding, Sophie Clare rode. She loved it. 

This was the first year that they have had a train ride. Mom thought it was free but it was not. Which was not a big deal but was coming around to collect money. 

Me:  How much?? 
Train Guy: How many?? 
Me: 5 
Train Guy: 4 

So I am guessing he is telling me the price

Me: Ok, I give him a 10.00 bill.  Sorry that is all I have but it looks like your good on change. 
Train Guy: never checks up 
(Natalie is laughing as am I) 
Train Guy: I need 2 more dollars
Me: oh ok I thought you said it was 4 but here ya go.
Train Guy:  no it is 3.00 a piece, did I not tell you
Me: um no but were good 
lots of laughter 

After all that we tried hard to get a selfie of all of us on the train. 

Finally my mom took one for us, our selfie was not working out. 

We had the best time!! 
I just love her to pieces!! 

Natalie was trying to convince Carver to ride and it worked.  haha 
The 2 little girls were just watching the show. lol 

Natalie and the kiddos needed to go. 
Sophie Clare and I came back to hang out with my parents. 

On that Saturday, we were back at the Harvest Festival.  Sophie Clare decided she wanted to let baby go and that made me happy. She still loves baby so much but seems like she does not carry her like she used. I am not ready for that.  

It was super crowded so we did not walk around a lot.
 Thankfully it was not hot! It had cooled off a ton. 

Hello nice clown............Do you like clowns?? They never really scared me but the older I get, I am not sure about them.

Anyways, Sophie Clare loved getting a balloon. 

I could not believe she wanted her face painted. She usually does not care anything about it. 

We went over to the kiddie section and it was packed. That should have been our first stop. She ended up just doing her favorite thing. I was not standing in line for all that. 

I did not take any great pics of my mom's booth. It was always so crowded but it is a picture I snapped for a friend. ;-) 

Hope you all are enjoying October!
 We are but I am ready for that cooler weather to stay with us for a while! 

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