Friday, October 10, 2014

SHS Homecoming 2014

 High School............
To go back and realize that those were some of the best days of your life. 
Where you make lifetime friends and lasting memories. 

Since my sweet cousin Natalie graduated, I have not been back. That has been about 11 years.   I decided that since Sophie Clare started school that it would be fun to get her a little more involved and show her there is more to it than ...........just books. I want her to do well in school and also participate in all the fun. (if she wants to) ;-) 

This past week was Sardis's homecoming.   
On Thursday we  met my friend Jennifer and her kiddos to watch the parade. 

We have been friends for a lifetime!
 We just do not get to spend enough time together!! 

Sophie Clare and Maddie


They were so so excited!! 

It was so fun waving and seeing people you know!  Braden  is playing football this year so he was riding on a float. We finally found him and snapped a quick pic. He is the one with the blue thing in his mouth. 

Here are some of the floats. 

I graduated with Lucas. We all had lots of fun at his house in high school. His wife is super sweet and they have 2 beautiful daughters. 

This lion was waaaaay into the part. 

Sweet Bella is in Sophie Clare's class. Sophie Clare is always talking about her! 

I thought it would be fun to share with you a couple of our floats. 

This was our 7th grade float and I still think it is great!! 
Catch the Wave!! 

This is our 10th grade float..........I am going to be be-headed. YIKES!! 

Friday night we decided to meet Natalie and her sweet kiddos at the ballgame. We of course laughed a lot and it was like a circus if you sat close to us. haha 
We took them out for the victory line and that was fun to watch them! 

I think these 2 ate the entire time!! 
Candy and junk that is. 

I took the cutest video of these two dancing to the other teams  band. I loaded it to facebook but not instagram.  If you follow me on INSTAGRAM, you may see it today for a #flashback.  ;-) 

So thankful for her!! 

We had a great time and we may do it again soon. You are warned if you sit close to us. haha 

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