Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Birthday Celebrations

October the 8 and October the 12 are birthday celebrations for me and the hubs. Now I celebrate me for as long as possible. Sometimes my celebration cuts off the day before his. haha 

My mom and I went shopping..............

Took some selfies..........

and had the best lunch at The Courtyard!! 

 I ate every bit of it guilt free!  
It was delish!! 

This was one of my favorite birthday gifts from my parents. I love that get on my kicks of loving things. ;-) 

That night since it was a school night, I wanted a yummy hamburger. Jamie picked up Ruby's and I ate all that as well.............yep still guilt free! I ate all my points then some!!  It was worth every bite!!

Now it's time for us to celebrate Jamie's.  

Sophie Clare was out of school for a 2 day Fall break and we loved every minute of it. She baked a cake with love and licks! haha  

Before we met him for dinner, we played at the mall for a while. 

Jamie wanted a steak so we went to Logan' was not good so I guess  he gets a redo. haha 

When we got home, we had a birthday party. Sophie Clare and I made a cake. 
She wanted the works with hats and all. 

It's always more fun to celebrate with the little one! 
She makes it a lot more fun! 

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