Monday, October 26, 2015

My Girl

This girl is getting so big so fast!  
We are coming up on her 7th birthday...........WHAT??? 
No way is my girl going to be 7! 

She is the best!! 
She is rotten to the core and I don't think I would change that! 
For one day she will be doing her own thing.  

Smocked bishops for Sunday morning are still my favorite and I am glad she still loves them! 

She is so active! 
She loves to run, climb trees and play play play. 

She loves riding her bike and is asking for a new one for her birthday! 

She now will say " hey, take my picture" haha 

She keeps me on my toes with her facial expressions. 
 She has always had her own little personality but it is still  blooming.
She is FUNNY!! 

Not a lot of people get to see the real her but when they do, it's a real treat. 

This was last Saturday morning.

 I love that she "gets" me in the morning. I love her snuggles, coffee and pinterest. 

She loves school so much and for that I am thankful!
 She is doing well and making all A and B's. 
We are very proud of her!

She still loves her baby as much today as the day she got her. 

She is usually right under my feet but this day...........I caught her reading to baby. 
I love listening to her read. 
She is so animated. 

She is just pure JOY in my eyes!! 

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